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Money matters! That's what makes students and their parents run from pillar to post, if they get through a foreign university. As, paucity of funds can bring overseas dreams to halt.

Studying abroad is undoubtedly an expensive proposition. From showing a minimum amount of liquid assets in order to get a visa to making ends meet in foreign land, the pull on your pocket is too much. There are many ways of raising funds for studying aboard. Of course, study loans given by various banks is one of them. But that only serves a part of the problem.

Scholarships provided by various foreign universities are increasingly becoming a lucrative way of fund raising for prospective students. So much so that, many Indian students are opting for unusual subjects just to bag a scholarship.

Universities in the US, for example have their own institutional scholarships which are given to deserving candidates. Scholarships could be need-based, that is depending on a student's financial background, and non-need based. But one pre-requisite for availing a scholarship in any country is to have a good track record and high GPA. Who does not have good GPA they can try and make up for the deficiency by scoring well in the standardized examinations like GRE and TOEFL. Apart from that, extra-curricular activities, projects and presentations could also give a candidate an edge in terms of deserving financial aid.

Once a student gets into a foreign university, fund management becomes faily easy, provided the student is willing to put in some extra work. Performing well in the first semester, a student can fetch a sufficient amount of credit exemption, sometimes even a full fee waiver. In fact, there are a number of students who complete a two year masters course in one year by getting good grades and putting in extra study hours. That way they save the tuition fees of an entire year.

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Some students who got scholarships through MUNU International

Name of the student Name of the University Program Scholarships
Hari Kishore Bathala University of New Haven MS.Mech. Engg $7,416
Aparna Vallabhaneni Northwest Missouri State University MSCS $1,000
Devaki Reddy South Dakota School of Mines & Tech P.hd- Nano technology $28,000
Ch. Sai Kishore University of Cincinnati MSCS $10,932
Kishan Kjreedy Leburu University of Bridgeport MSCS $5,000
Kishan Kjreedy Leburu New York Institute of Technolgy MSCS $3,000
Swetha Kulkarni Murray State University MSIT $6,000
Navya Bachati University of Bridgeport MSCS $6,000
Navya Bachati Northwest Missouri State University MSCS $1,000
Swetha Kulkarni University of Bridgeport MSCS $6,000
Velicheti Surekha University of Findlay MBA $1,500
Allam Karthik University of Findlay MBA $1,500
Muzaffar Shakeeb Southeast Missouri St. university MS.Indust. Mgmt $2,000
Syed Murtuza Ahmed Saint Joseph's University MS-CS $3,000
Syed Murtuza Ahmed Teas A&M University, Kingsville MS-EE $6,500
M.S.Apurva Indiana St. University MS-EE $2,000
Tagoor Balveersingh Fairleigh Dickinson University Ms.Chemistry $6,000
Tagoor Balveersingh Lamar University Ms.Chemistry $6,580
Tagoor Balveersingh Murray State University Ms. Engg. Tech $6,000
Vemula Vijaya Kumar Lamar University Ms.Chemistry $6,580
Vemula Vijaya Kumar Murray State University Ms. Engg. Tech $6,000
Kodati Srikanth Murray State University Ms. Agri. Sciences $6,000
Salikolimi Krishna chary University of Arizona Ph.d- Chemistry $49,089
Khaja Hameemuddin University of Findlay MBA $1,500
Lingampally Thanaji University of Findlay MBA $1,500
Mortala Yadireddy Florida Institute of Technology Ms. Biotechnology $4,000
Javeed Akram Bradley University MS-CS $2,448
Uppala Chaitanya Lamar University MS-CS $6,580
Mohammed Ajmal Khan University of Findlay MBA $1,500
Kakarla Siva Sankar     New York Institute of Technolgy MS-CS $3,000
Syed Khalid Ali University of Findlay MBA $3,500
Addagatla Sreedhar University of Findlay MBA $1,500
K. Varun Kumar University of Findlay MBA $1,500
S. Jeevan reddy Lamar University Ms.Chemistry $6,580
Thaduri Pavani New York Institute of Technolgy MS-CS $3,000
Muthu Srinidhi Bradley University MS.Electrical Engg $4,600
V. Raghavaiah chowdary University of Findlay MBA $1,500
G. Vishnuvardhanrao University of Findlay MBA $1,500
S.V.N. Laxman New York Institute of Technolgy MS-CS $3,000
Archana Kulkarni New York Institute of Technolgy MBA $3,000
Duvvuri Sivom Bradley University MS.Electrical Engg $4,600
Josyula Teja Spandana Bradley University MS.Electrical Engg $4,600
Koli Karthik New York Institute of Technolgy MS-CS $3,000
Chintakindhi Maheedhar New York Institute of Technolgy MS-CS $3,000
Podugu Phani University of New Haven MS-CS $10,800
Inampudi Kranthi Murray State University MS-IS $6,000
Inampudi Kranthi University of New Haven MS-CS $10,800
Chinnamsetti K Chandra University of Findlay MBA $2,000
T Venkateswarareddy New York Institute of Technolgy MBA $3,000
Damma Aravind Reddy Murray State University MS-IS $6,000
Mazeed Jeelani New York Institute of Technolgy MS-CS $3,000
Ch. Upendra Chowdary New York Institute of Technolgy MS-CS $3,000
Munuguri Pavan New York Institute of Technolgy MS-CS $3,000
Mohammed Abdul Rehman University of Findlay MBA $2,000
Uma Vijayan Naidu New York Institute of Technolgy MS-CS $3,000
M.Punya Siva Ajay University of New Haven MSCS $7,425
M.Punya Siva Ajay Murray State University MS-IS $6,000
Jampani Siva Krishna Murray State University MS-IS $6,000
Bandlamudi Naga Sudheer University of New Haven MSCS $7,425
Aaleti Srikanth Reddy New York Institute of Technolgy MS-CS $3,000
Sampath Kumar Medarametla Murray State University MS-IS $6,000
Shamili Galla University of Bridgeport MSCS $3,000
N. Devadasu University of New Haven MSCS $7,425
Pawan Jambhule University of Bridgeport MSCS $5,000
Phanindra Podugu University of Missouri, Kanans City MS.Civil.  Engg $4,000
Hari Kishore Bathala University of Bridgeport MS.Mech. Engg $5,000
Aparna Vallabhaneni University of Bridgeport MSCS $5,000
Divya Kota University of Bridgeport MS.Biomedical. Engg $5,000
Lalitya Koneru University of Bridgeport MSCS $5,000
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